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28 meters world score goal

Early this morning, the new Serie A season starts before the key TIM Cup triangular match the Stadio San Nicola in Bari start competing, competition from the traditional three Serie A giants Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus played the same time, however, because the system is warm-up and race more special, the team’s order of appearance, Team Soccer Jerseys the player’s playing time is not fixed. In the second game, 2-1 victory over AC Milan, Juventus, one pass of a shot of the new aid vidal become the number one player in Juve victory.

South Africa World Cup in Chile reached 16, but in the end defeated Brazil 0-3 feet. As Chile’s main defensive midfielder, although Vidal first four games and almost played in all games, but he was not known for the fans. In this summer’s Kid Long Sleeve World Cup Football Shirts Copa America, Chile, stop 8 strong team, Vidal’s performance is rated as amazing. It is because of the Copa America’s outstanding performance, rebuild the team’s general manager of Juventus Marotta decisive shot with 10.5 million euros +150 Wan floating transfer fee, will be brought to the Serie A Bundesliga from Vidal. Juve this summer, a large number of new people into the team, and like Pirlo, Vucinic, Lichtsteiner, Ziegler, Paqienzha Serie A campaign for many years and so are the players, the team need to re-create the right, but Serie A experience with a new coach Conti, first aid is undoubtedly enabled players. In addition to the more familiar from the Bundesliga, the summer took part in the America’s Cup, Vidal did not catch more than Juve’s Chelsea Soccer jersey jackets warm-up match before. Until August 11, 4-1 victory over Juventus youth team game, Vidal was ushered in Juve’s first show, but the 86 minutes played, he caught with the same count was also played less than 8 minutes. Juventus 0-0 Real Betis in the later game, Vidal has been frozen.

This is only for the Bianconeri played before a less than 8 minutes of new aid, has become the Triangle Cup by beating Juventus Milan hero. Of the vidal II was played as the attacking midfielder, this location is not the Chileans are good. Leverkusen before, Vidal has always been team defense minister of state, only occasionally worked in Chile national team playmaker. In fact, Section II against Milan, vidal first committed a fatal error, the race to 12 minutes, Vidal lose the ball up front, the result is play fast counter Chelsea Away Soccer Jersey Jacket AC Milan, midfielder Mark van Bommel sent straight plug, single pole Cassano reached the restricted area, Bonucci back on defense to get rid of the ball calmly into the bottom left corner. This is indeed the responsibility of losses of grain Vidal heads, but it also extenuating, Vidal, after all, are not familiar with Juve’s tactics, when he was up front I do not know how Shihai ball around for a support, the result is Gattuso steals.

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Olic injury to the formation of new

May 13th time, Bayern Croatia striker Ivica Olic in the area of vocational training was the coach of fitness and rehabilitation in the team of Thomas – along with William in secret for about 20 minutes of training. Olic was just back from the Team Soccer Jerseys intensity of training not only for stretching and flexibility training, and business minor knee left knee injury.Olic left knee in October last year, followed by the knee meniscus and severe soft tissue injuries, take him to the United States, the specialist motion injuries Steadman surgery, and next season. Olic is injured more than six months after the first return to the field of vocational training, it has only been in town before the upper body and leg muscle training.Olic I am very pleased to be able to return to the field, he Soccer jersey jackets even describes how the last six months in prison, as “I’m very happy, now I can finally form a walk on the grass, I am In fact out of prison on Wednesday (11) I can start its first outdoor training, but the day Thomas – William secret evil, we had an expansion plan, today everything went well, I am ready, I almost can not wait. ”

Olic free, Bayern last season, when people do not believe that membership of the striker 31 years, but Olic is intended to prove with their own. Especially in the Champions League, Olic scored 7 goals, Bayern can say he is the greatest player of the medal finals. The loss of the season such a big stage, good players to score, the Bayern striker also has a huge negative impact.Olic wish I could test for the new season before the Bayern game ready, “I restore the end of June to 100% of the desired state, then return to the Liverpool Soccer jersey jackets field to the rattles in the team goals.” When the contract expires in Bavaria veteran Klose this summer are likely to move to other teams, the introduction of the new Peterson played only the second division next season, multiple-line operations Olic Bayern much-needed offensive firepower powerful .

When the end of the season, Bayern looked to the theme of this season is certainly frustrated, but their offensive performance was commendable. Made with Bayern in round 2-1 victory over Stuttgart in Bavaria in the league this season 81 goals, 34 81 goals, averaging 2.4 goals in the match, this is no small feat, since Liverpool Team Soccer Jerseys Jacket the goals in a season in 80 + a Bundesliga team has almost disappeared. Over the past 23 years, Bremen, 79 goals per season 2003-04 season 2008-09 season has been reached, Wolfsburg scored 80 goals a season and then move forward, then there is a season, the Bundesliga team swept the 80 + goal season 1987-1988 is 83 goals scored in Bayern.

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Zurich has been a coach of Bayern fans

German time that night, Bayern Zurich with the Swiss team Champions League first leg of the playoffs. In pre-game Tuesday soccer jerseys wholesale night, during a press conference, Zurich coach Fisher told the media: “We certainly want to win, anything is possible.”45 Fisher said at a press conference, Zurich is one based on the “courage, passion and desire” on the unity of the team. Bundesliga Bayern facing the dominant, he said to his team to strengthen the defense, they do not want to not pay any price for the poor defender. Meanwhile, Fisher admits that it is fans of Bayern. He said: “I am still fans of Bayern Munich Franz Beckenbauer is my idol. “Fisher also said that Zurich is now the team has more injuries, and some violations may be most important, but in the field of 11 will struggle to win. Swiss Super League in the fifth round of last week’s 2-1 victory over the defending champions Basel Zurich-game team striker Alfonso calf muscle is injured, can be carried out by Bayern with next Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey Tuesday, the second stage, in Zurich, the return to the game. Similarly, the midfielder of 22 years due to knee injury The ancient library’s also miss the match.

The same day also led the conference in Bavaria Heynckes, Ram and Muller. Conference on 21 years in South Africa World Cup Golden Boot winner Muller was smiling, relaxed face. Regarding the importance of Zurich and the pressure players face, Mueller said, “I remember the 98/99 season Bayern to the Champions League by playing the race to qualify for the playoffs, was the ball against Serbia team Obilic Bavaria not only a play was to meet also the last final. “Because he was only 9 years old, confirmed after the meeting with Miller in the eye of the press spokesman Huowei Ke Bavaria, the other party Barcelona Adult Long Sleeve Soccer jersey nodded confirmation. Huowei Ke Perhaps thought should be a good omen, perhaps we can copy to its former glory.

But to say sorry for Stuttgart on Saturday at home against their will, and our goal of victory. For me it’s a special game, not only because I have many years in the effectiveness of Stuttgart, and I have many friends there, there are many, and I was struggling teammates, they are always a good team, then this game is we will certainly not be Nike Barcelona Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey easy.Based on my second top scorer ranking five goals, so basically I can say that the Golden Boot, but even if I have a goal of Stuttgart, which is after all the football to try everything possible, I will of my own won the Bundesliga Golden Boot, which has a special meaning for me, finally this is my career in first division Golden Boot.

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Ferguson blames himself for him

Arsenal 8-2 at Old Trafford gas to go, all are perfect for Ferguson, and if Welbeck opened the scoring early was not substituted because of injury, then. After the match, Ferguson worried about the media, said that this Manchester United is a very significant loss. “I’m sorry, did not advance him to change down."soccer jerseys wholesale Beginning of the season, Manchester United, though not to buy a big striker, but did not send away any of the killer, plus the return of Welbeck, we bring together gather together on the front, English Premier League top scorer Ababa, Mexican El Nande Adams, veteran Owen, as well as the return of Kiko and Diouf, with Wayne Rooney, the media dubbed a time, too much choice striker, Ferguson is a happy for the trouble, it is clear that Wayne Rooney is doing The first, the remaining five people is going to struggle badly beaten, only for Wayne Rooney’s partner around the location.

To this end, Baker has said publicly that Virgin is not afraid of competition, “My goal is to play the main, both the Soccer Kid Set partner with whom I hope to see my coach’s confidence and hard work.” Ferguson is because of his remarks to the 90 marked No one can see the main, and perhaps a small pea Ababa and the state of doubt, as Owen? The veteran off the bench two seasons is probably more appropriate occasion in the Cup and the stalemate of the light time. Three rounds of league play, Welbeck three first, how well? Scored twice in three games, against Tottenham and Arsenal are all in London a score of 8, was substituted at White Hart Lane, the site 75 498 90 Manchester United man a standing ovation after 10 seconds, no doubt, have been Ababa crucified on the bench, and as a small pea, I am afraid he must learn to position itself. Three wars gunman, despite playing only 35 minutes, but the good scenes of the game 90, the first real use of the body to grab a position, then another clever use of the Gunners defender’s mistake, the last goalkeeper to attack it all, a nifty header lob for Manchester United’s victory laid the most solid foundation. Then, Wayne Rooney’s long pass on the right defensive back Kids Soccer Jersey around to find the accurate after Welbeck, his two guards posted at the anti-diving header before the header, he ball to the goalkeeper had no time to react, Unfortunately, just wide of the goal post.

In the game’s first 35 minutes, then team-mate in Welbeck, in the case of unguarded, muscle strain, missed it a hearty victory. Manchester United striker for the dispute, re-painted the suspense. However, despite the victory in this game, but the replacement of small peas battle performance is not satisfactory, he Chelsea Home Blue Kid Set Soccer Jersey created a yellow card in addition to single-handedly led to the ball the other guard ordered out, the bright spot is quite small, second-year students in the Premiership, but not as good as the 2008 season beginning in this land after the teenager on the vibrant veteran’s impact 90 full, 55-minute performance even better than Welbeck 35 minutes flash, visible only starting forward in the competition, a small pea has been in the wind, as Owen and Kiko?

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Bavarian State wide red stripe conceded nine 0

After Bayern Leverkusen won 3-0, finished with nine straight wins in all competitions, Albert continues 838 minutes without conceding a goal, new National League without conceding a goal to reach 568, jump in the history of the According to a seventh list Bundesliga league, the team soccer jerseys Bundesliga champions and also a record number of new records created, but Bud shittu bell and defender Van Buyten portfolio of always reassuring in the Champions League rivals Manchester City next week , the real touchstone of Bavaria.Initially noted that, from early after his arrival at Bayern Gomez finished 100th official match, but coach Heynckes in the career of players and coaches was inaugurated 950 Bundesliga matches. After the match, winning the Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern end media “Munich Daily” was lost and lonely: “Manchester City Come!” Bayern continue to update, add an item: 7 to get through the margin Scotland Premier League Team Soccer Jersey of victory is 20 balls, the new Bundesliga record this evening by the Bayern are written.

Be in addition to increasing the overall height of not conceding a club Bayern at nine, I can not prevent the progress of a week before steps assertion Bayern Leverkusen and again: to open new look also monitored the objective of Bayern, Manchester City, just break!To conclude the current round of the Bundesliga season, the New has become the target has a continuous 838 minutes without a goal scored, a league without conceding a goal in 568 minutes were the results in the Celtic Team Soccer Jersey history of the Bundesliga, 7, the one of four former Bundesliga goalkeeper Nikko Bourges (555 minutes), Bud shittu bell (549 minutes), Keluo C (546 minutes) and Goltz (510 minutes). From the data, the point Bayern 63% of the audience and nearly 90% success rate is not going a fundamental right no opponent a chance, Leverkusen public only four times from the center and only a limited range of the real importance of the middle of the occasion without opposition, to solve the rivals Bayern a bit.

But the victory over the opposing defenses can not ignore the problems, Van Buyten and Bud shittu bell indicated in the standard hard-defense with the level of attack, the field H in the long run and free-kick from Van Buyten often compare Go to the front of the Bud shittu bell improvement is needed. Remove the small Boateng Bayern defender combinations (JK-Boateng Boateng), back from injury early Bud shittu bell have the entire line of defense to stop Rafinha Ram and fill the seats to Celtic Away White Soccer Jersey the success of RAM 4 steals game 2 times and 2 times the defender of the right door Rafinha intercept equal to the number of times the sum of two defenders. But good news is that the level of the Belgians return to the air in contact with Bavaria, but a calming close to the zone or not.The first half, Kiessling in the box was shot long before Akira Bud shittu bell kicker, well-known commentator, Tao Wei (microblogging) complains: “turn your back on Bard catch some very slow, it’s easy to eat not.

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